About OBC

Our Mission

We want to be an asset to our community. We believe our passion and gifts best combine to teach children the game of basketball and life lessons associated with it. We believe that if children are taught to Learn, Love and Work Hard they will contribute to and become the community we want to live in. To this end, we partner with the student athlete, their parents, and their school coaches to maximize their potential and equip them to navigate their path to placement.

Maximizing a student athlete's potential includes instilling fundamental skills required to advance from one level of play to the next. OBC athletes are regularly evaluated and provided feedback on areas for development and how to capitalize on their strengths. It includes leveraging the game of basketball for crucible moments and as an analog to life where time is taken to discuss life events and share life lessons.

Navigating path to placement involves projecting and connecting the athlete to the highest level of competition they are capable of contributing to, be that high school varsity, collegiately or professionally. Our coaching staff employ their network of coaching contacts at all levels to advocate for and promote the athlete with the goal of obtaining scholarships for those qualified.

Our values are represented in our W.O.R.K. acronym of life lessons that we impart to our players in practices and games. We believe these values will grow the players love for the game to the extent they will pursue a relationship with basketball once their playing days are through as either a coach, a referee, or a knowledgeable fan.