OBC expects to field teams at each grade for boys and girls grades 4th-12th. If there are enough players at evaluations to create multiple teams in a single grade, the teams will generally be formed according to skill level. We believe this gives players of differing skill levels the opportunity to maximize their practicing and playing time, and ultimately, their improvement.

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For Beaverton area players at The Courts in Beaverton

March 6th and 8th
4:00-5:30pm for 9th-12th grade
5:30-7:00pm for 3rd-8th grade


For Vancouver area players at Seton Catholic High School (9000 NE 64th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98665)

March 7th:
6:00-7:30pm for 3rd-8th grade
7:30-8:00pm for 9th-12th grade

March 9th:
1:30-3:00pm for 3rd-8th grade
3:00-4:30pm for 9th-12th grade

Spring & Summer (Mid-March through end of July)
50+ practices & clinics (2 Practices, 1 Skill Clinic per week over 18 weeks excluding camp weeks)
30+ games (6+ tournaments in OR, WA potentially CA, AZ, NV and some local league play)

See finance and season details in sections 4.0 and 5.0 of OBC Policies & Procedures