Post Grad

Welcome to OBC’s Girls Post Graduate Program, a premier destination in the pacific northwest for high school graduates seeking to optimize athletic, academic and leadership abilities. OBC’s unique program delivers customized basketball training and competition directed by former professional players and top coaches.

Each athlete experiences high level performance training consisting of athletic development, mental skills development, character building and a variety of educational options.

The post graduate year is sometimes referred to as a gap year after high school, and offers athletes a unique opportunity to enhance their overall academic, athletic and personal standing with college coaches and programs.

We understand every student athlete’s objectives and goals are different.

  • Increase your basketball IQ and skill level
  • Enhance your academic standing
  • Experience life and routine of a college athlete
  • Athletic and personal development
  • Get noticed
  • College planning and placement

Post graduate competition is a terrific way to impress college coaches and increase leadership opportunities.

Post grad programs, also known as a “fifth year” or “gap year” programs, allow high school graduates to optimize their athletic, academic and life skills while pursuing admission to the college or university that is best suited for them.

In response to the growing demand for post grad programs created by today’s challenging environment and pandemic, OBC offers a customized basketball training and competition post grad program directed by top coaches and industry experts.

There are many reasons for high school graduates to opt for a post grad program. Some graduating seniors may not be ready to compete at their desired level in college sports, while others may need time to improve technically and mature athletically to get the right offer. Some players have academic reasons for taking this year between high school and college, while others need an additional year to build the independence needed to succeed in college.

OBC’s post grad programs allow these athletes to improve both as players and as people. These programs allow athletes to finish growing, increase their speed and improve their skills. Just as importantly, our post grad programs expose players to superior competition and coaching. Our post grad staff understand that they have two equally important goals: improving their players’ games and working to expose them to the right level of college programs.

It’s not taking a year off - it’s adding a year to your future.

Advantages for players who opt into OBC’s post grad program include having an additional summer to attend NCAA certified camps. One of the biggest benefits of opting for a post grad year is that it does not count against a player’s NCAA eligibility like playing at the junior or community college level does.

What does a typical day look like?
7:00am Breakfast
8:30am Performance Training
10:00am Basketball Training #1
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Free time (or online classes)
3:00pm Basketball Training #2
6:00pm Dinner
6:30pm Free Time, Activity/Tourism, Optional Additional Skill Work
10:00pm Nutritional Snack
11:00pm Curfew (lights out)

Every 2 to 4 weeks, athletes will participate in local and regional field trips to various businesses and community organizations to shadow and ask questions of professionals engaged in careers that may be of interest to players.

What can OBC’s Post Grad program do for your player? Access the admissions guide and find out how OBC can shape your post grad athlete’s future.