To OBC, success is our players learning and exercising the values in our acronym

W.O.R.K., which we constantly seek to emphasize in practices and games, and we trust will continue to benefit players long after their basketball careers are over.

Work ethic – It’s worth being redundant here, we believe hard work beats talent and we enjoy working with athletes committed to the process of improving rather than short-term outcomes. Developing a work ethic means enjoying practice as much or more than games. It means loving the game for the game, not for what it brings or what society adds to it.

Ownership – Owning the outcome and accepting responsibility for one’s actions is the sign of personal maturity. The ability to overcome obstacles and not give up when a challenge presents itself is an extremely difficult trait to master. In youth basketball, obstacles arise in different forms like a turnover or missed shot, losing, bad refs, lack of playing time, etc. We teach players to own the things they can control, such as attitude and effort, rather than those things out of their control.

Respect – Respect your parents, the game, your opponent, the officials, your coaches and your teammates. Learning to compete and work/fight for what you want, instead of expecting it to be given is a major challenge facing youth today. Our players must be tough and aggressive in order to earn playing time and win games.

Keep perspective – Basketball is a GAME. It is meant to fun. Often times competitive youth basketball can suck the fun out of the game whether due to pressure, parents, coaches, etc. Our goal is to make sure the game remains fun. This is not to say that there won’t be some difficult times, but overall, playing youth basketball should be fun. Learning to compete and discovering the world is tough but you are tougher, is fun!